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to MMP or not to MMP?

Chinese Debate against Amy Go (ED of Yee Hong, NDP) on 2007.10.04.

Part 1 (starts at 27:00): MMP係乜?

Part 2: YES派 vs NO派 空中激辯 (I)

Part 3: YES派 vs NO派 空中激辯 (II)

Part 4: 聽眾各抒己見 + 齊猜Roy Ho的提問

In the debate, I posed a question with a secret prize.


Among all the jurisdictions that are employing MMP, which one is the closest to Hong Kong?



Secret Prize:

Become a party member. I will pay your party dues, choose your own party. This is to encourage more people to become party members.

2 people answered the question correctly.  Simon Li will choose the winner of the two and provide contact information to me.

Why Macau is not the correct answer?

Macau has functional groups in the parliament.  One needs to meet the qualification in order to vote. Not everyone is eligible to vote. In MMP, everyone is eligible. And everyone is eligible in Taiwan’s system. Macau is not letting these functional groups to have a list. It’s one group, one seat.  Taiwan’s system is letting the parties have a list for each party.


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