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Is anyone preparing another Federal Liberal Leadership race?

Liberals had a pretty bad loss on September 17’s Quebec by-elections. 


People speculated the future of Dion at that time, just like people said Dion was to be a transitional figure.  After all, all the mighty and powerful Liberals did not want the job, McKenna, John Manley and Ralph Goodale did not the job.  And if we were to have a federal election, some say it would not be too favourable to the Liberals. 

If a leadership were held, Dion would have been on a tight rope.  Preparing a leadership race would require money, exposure to different parts of the country’s members.

So, here comes an announcement I just came across:


Ralph Goodale, former Liberal Finance Minister during the Martin days, will be coming to Ontario to do a fundraiser.  Why would he be interested at fundraising in a place so far away from his base? If he is fundraising for just some candidate, any candidate, why would he be fundraising for someone so far away from his riding.  Why wouldn’t he be fundraising for someone else back home?

Why is increasing his exposure to different parts of Liberal members in the country?

Is he having an ambition too large for the prarire to contain?

He is obviously expecting a federal election. And if the election were not favourable to the Liberals, will this exposure be a political asset to him?



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