Power And Dollar

Markham’s 16th Avenue

Makham wants to widen 16th. today is 2007.11.20. i appeared on torontofirstradio.com live on this topic. i was to be against tony wong (markham regional councillor) but then tony wong was absent and was against alan on (ward 4 2006 candidate).

here is the radio archive:



here are 2 websites that are of interests:



1) i do not see the gov’t website has any public information to justify enlarging 16th. the assessments will point to “widening is okay”. however, it fails to list all the available options and thus conclude this is the best option.

2) it does not justify the need to widen anything. i do not see data to demonstrate the problem, although i admit there is a problem.

3) it does not save how much improvement it will make. it may make no improvement at all. will it divert traffic from highway 7? no idea. will it only attract more traffic to 16th and Highway 7 continues the it is? no idea.

 4) in order to study this problem, we need data to see the destinations of the drivers, origins of the drivers, times of travel, number of cars and passengers.

5) have all efforts pointing to public transit failed? and we know private transit cannot improve it? what is the cost of private transit? the ownership of public transit is an easy way to make money out of real estate. can’t i operate a van to take passengers from X to Finch station? York University? Don Mills station?

6) it looks like this is an initiative of the city. therefore, the capital cost is city’s.  the operating cost is the city’s. not the province’s. so the city is enlarging the operating cost of road maintenance, decreasing the revenue of the public transit, and not knowing if the traffic problem of highway 7 will get solved at all.

7) the wards where tony wong wins in the 2006 election are bordering 16th. they get affected the most. did tony wong gather voters’ opinion? did he quantify the opinion? how many faxes did he receive representing which sides? emails? letters face-to-face? church basements? chamber of commerce? is supporting the widening the opinion of his or is representing his constituents? he is opening up himself up for future candidates to take up the political space.

8) the biggest beneficiary are the construction companies. who are the donors to the 8 councillors, 2 regional councillors and 1 mayor?


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