Power And Dollar

what Super Tuesday tells us about Obama

Below is the data of delegates on 2008.02.06, before the announcement of NM results.

Clinton Obama
Pledged 632 626
Super 193 106
Total 825 732

Clinton has more delegates than Obama after Super Tuesday.  Clinton had more delegates than Obama too.  However, the attention should be drawn to the Pledged delegates, not the total.  The difference is only 6 delegates, among the Pledged.  That is a reason for Obama to stay in the race.  Of course, there is also his momentum, his fundraising, etc.  This margin is close enough for him to invest more to win. 

 Why is this Pledged important? Because the Super can change their mind and vote for someone else later.  If Obama can demonstrate he can win more Pledged than Clinton, that will be a good reason for some Super to vote for Obama. 

If one paid attention to the campaigns of Clinton and Obama, one may also notice that Obama has a stronger and more readily identifiable sense and style of a grassroot campaign.  These 2 traits reinforce the strategy that he aims to win more Pledged, rather than Super delegates.


February 6, 2008 - Posted by | Current Affairs

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