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What is the new trend coming out of Clinton, McCain and Obama?

What is the new trend coming out of Clinton, McCain and Obama?


From President Carter to Bush 2, America has been having governors (or federal administrator experience) to be presidents.  Now, since all three (or two) front contenders are senators, America will undoubtedly have a senator for president.  Does it say anything about American psyche? 


Americans have been looking for governors to fill in that job because, well, president is a job to perform executions, like mayors and governors.  So, Americans have been saying experience matters for the job application (have you seen otherwise in your job experience?). 


Well, Americans now want senators, not governors (or mayor).  So, they tossed out the experience part.  But then what do they want out of this coming president?  Exactly like Hilary said “rhetoric.”  It is not exactly that they are looking for “empty words” (Hilary).  They are looking for inspiration. 


Remember the weekend right after 9/11?  Churches across the continent were having high attendance.  People are not longer for a mayor/city manager type who will grind through the dirty work.  They are looking for inspiration, hope.  Has bush 2 solved the problem (whatever that is)?  Has Bush 2 caught the 9/11 culprit?  Is Iraq off their minds?  Katrina, foreclosure, inflation, the list goes on.  The religious conviction of Bush 2 has not transcended to the average people.  They still do not feel safe.  They feel even more insecure than before.  Americans have been experiencing a deep (and ever deeper) sense of void.


Who delivers this kind of security?  Well, they went to the church right after 9/11, didn’t they?  Americans are doing this again in a much larger scale, much more material level: listening to an orator all together at the same time, in 2008.  Between a senator and governor, who would be a better orator?  That’s one reason all the governors (and 2 mayors) are no longer in the race. 


There is one factor that can change the outcome of this presidential election: Rove politics.  Aside from that, the result is getting clear. 


The constitution expects the executive branch to do things.  In reality, we expect the president to be a leader.  A leader is to lead.  People have to place their trust in him so that he can lead, in a way pretty much how Wilson thought of diplomacy.  Since this new president will have so much oratorical skills in rhetoric, he will focus less on execution.  “We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers.” (Wilson)  After all, exactly like Bush 2 said: the president is to delegate and strategize.  Good or bad?  We can only hope the new president “will be on God’s side” (Kerry).


Can you get the obvious answer to the question: Who is the best orator of the three?


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