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What comes next after Knock Out (IF)?

What comes next after Knock Out (IF)?


Obama obviously wants to have a knout out so that he can concentrate on McCain:



And McCain is not really too much in a hurry to attack Obama either.  McCain’s most important job right now is to regroup (rests his staff), fund raise and oil his machine so that he can fight Obama.  


Obama wants to have knock out so that he can cut this race short and focus on McCain.  Otherwise, this nomination will keep going on and Obama will have no time to get more votes to cover McCain’s work right now.


And this knock out is not enough.  American needs a knock out in 2008 election as well.  


Bush 2 administration has successfully polarized the country to their advantage, to the degree that they secured 3 branches of government.  And it came with a price: a great division or a national split personality.  A healthy dosage of duality keeps our rationality in check.  A completely and evenly divided personality requires medical attention.


Every identity has a brand.  Each brand has a story, or a myth.  The American myth is the constitution.  A decisive election (McCain or Obama or Clinton) will finally reveal the national psyche, not only to the TV box, or London, Paris, Bagdhad, but also (more importantly) to the minority in the electorate to search for other issues to gain to the majority status and let go this particular dividing issue.  


This election has to be a very decisive election, a knock out election.  Else, we will have to endure a lengthening, torturous division.  And in that scenario, voter segmentation, GOTV programmes, focus group, direct mail blanketing, hone bank will get to the most negative use.  Every available weapon will be employed.  Even voter fraud/obstruction (retail or wholesale level) may come to a dangerous level.  


Healing a division among ideological convicted people from opposite sides requires exceptional skills and rare talent.  US can spiral down hill, degrading itself to some immature democracy.  


Can you imagine the world we live in if the most superior military is controlled by a developing democracy?



March 2, 2008 - Posted by | Current Affairs

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