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Obama’s Nafta leak denial and Harper’s Mission Accomplished


Obama denied he back tracked the NAFTA through his economic adviser to Canadian diplomats.  Canadian Prime Minister Harper promised to investigate how this information got leaked – not denying that it happened.  The second part is the key.  So, Harper got what he needed: he discouraged the most anti-NAFTA candidate of the 2 Democrat candidates to have a conversation.  In fact, Harper got what he expected: Obama said he did not mean it.  

Now, why the leak?

Harper wanted to establish the fact that “Obama does not mean to re-negotiate NAFTA”.  Harper thought it was very likely that Obama would win Whitehouse.  Harper then decided to push Obama to promise that he would not because Obama has no chips to bargain back at this moment (one can only bargain when at strength).  That is why Harper said no, you do not want that.  On top of that, Harper wanted to make sure no one is getting away with it.  So, he decided to leak it.  Of course Harper expected Obama to deny it.  And so, an investigation ensured, which will drag on.  And this investigation will produce the result to the effect that “yes, it actually happened” with whatever memo, audio or video files necessary to put in front of Obama, if he ever one day decides to negotiate NAFTA.  That’s right.  This investigation will not end until Obama says “let’s re-negotiate.”  Harper just did not trust a much stronger neighbour, especially someone he did not even meet.  And Harper will not have much chips by then.   Harper got his Obama promise.  And he will have something to show for it before the Americans’ TV, just in case.  

This later package is what makes Harper feel comfortable about the promise.   Harper’s mission is accomplished.


March 10, 2008 - Posted by | america politics, canada, canada economics, canada politics, Current Affairs, obama, politics, US politics

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