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China Reduces Gov’t Depts


 This is the first English media outlet I see that reports something I wrote on 2008.02.18:


this is the same text again:

The announcement from the central government of China (PRC) is another indication of modernasation in governance structure.  This probably has little dispute.  The interesting thing is they actively learn from … Hong Kong.  They worship Singaporean government. Why not Singapore?  They sent so many students to overseas for education (government funding).  They must have learn more than what was taught in the lectures and read int he text books.  Why are those materials being practised in the government?  HK does not produce/supply beaucrats to the central government. Yet having profound influence in governance structure? Has there been a HK clout in Beijing? No. Is HK known for its political philosophy in Mainland China or anywhere? Does HK even have any kind of political philosophy? So where/how does it come about?

Part of the answer is Beijing believes in executive power to be the dominant power.  That is not sufficient since US’s executive is very powerful.  So is Singapore. 

Another part of the answer is HK is closer to China.  China sends beaucrats to HK all the time for seminar, for conferences.  Some of these got the trickle down effect, for sure.  But this is still not enough.

One explanation:

They finally see the danger of the combination of executive and policy setting.  This is almost analogous to legislative and executive.  Instead of having a legislative body dictating execution, the executive branch is taking the initiative to remove the problem.  After all, democratic institution is matter of time.  In order to save the execution institution and keep it under the control of Communists Party, the beaucrats decided to minimize the damage slowly.

One possible explanation is this:

More to that is, I suspect, NCNA (XinHua)’s former Chief Xu.  He actively organized studying groups systematic dissecting not only the political dynamics, but also stock market, future market, construction financing, board management of public companies.  One of the things they studied was government governance strucutre.  Xu is gone.  But the staff who studied HK studied their object impartially, under Xu’s protection and insolation of the political struggle up north.  Those staff are now probably much better placed than analysts and their experience and observation finally materialize in beings. 


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