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Mainland drops another sweet before Taiwan Presidential Election

Mainland China authorized sand and gravel export to arrive Taiwan via Okinawa, Japan.  This is the second reconciliatory action offered by Mainland China to Taiwan.  The last one is about 1 week ago, letting Taiwan banks to operate in China.  Why is Mainland China offering so many goodies at this time?

Is Mainland trying to nullify all the negative rhetorics against Mainland (and thus unification) several days before the election?  Mainland could also be thinking DPP may be able to produce anther dramatic episode to win.  Mainland may want to set the stage for the next President, whoever maybe.  One would also be tempted to correlate to Mainland’s on-going People’s Congress as well.  Or, is this an act to balance to negative press in Taiwan regarding Tibet?  

This is a planned announcement.  So, any current event on the Mainland side is unrelated.  The first scenario is quite likely.  For it to be an effective tool to set a stage for the next president, this announcement needs to be made after president election, or even after inauguration.  If the first scenario is correct, there maybe more announcement in the future few days, although there is too little time between now and president election (this Saturday).  

These specific announcements must have been studied to minimize the possible distortion by DPP supporters against KMT candidate.  So, they were not meant to have a great general appeal, but targeted industries.  However, this announcement is being over crowded by news related to Tibet.  Unfortunately, this announcement’s effectiveness is drowned out. 

Again, it takes two to tango.  President Chen also took the bait.  So, at least DPP took it as a positive for their candidate.  So, these moves are very intriguing moves by Mainland.  Time will tell the true intent.


March 17, 2008 - Posted by | China, china politics, chinese, Current Affairs, economics, election, opinion, politics, Taiwan


  1. I can’t see that this news will help the KMT, as their plans for a “one China market” are already being (rightly) attacked by DPP supporters as a serious danger to Taiwan’s domestic economic interests. The KMT may say “look what we have to gain,” but the larger issue of a One-China market is now being considered a detriment to their campaign here.

    Comment by Diogenes Hwang | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. CCP wanted this for a reason. Learning from their mistkes in 1996 and 2000, CCP would not do something to swing one or the other. CCP simply learnt that no action is better than anything. After all, they did nothing to help Chen for years.

    So, why bother to do anything now? I am just as curious.

    And 2 announcements in such a short sequence? Something is up. Is this news getting any attention locally?

    thanks for your visit.

    Comment by royho | March 17, 2008 | Reply

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