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Should Mainland China meet with Dalai Lama?

Mainland China is having problems with Tibet.  It probably needs help to manage this problem.  After all, it has been close to 60 years now since 1949, when CCP removed KMT from China, and the problem persists for these 60 years.  And there was not a problem before 1949.  Who will Mainland China go to for help?  Dalai Lama?

If Dalai Lama cannot stop the protest, then what incentives are there for Mainland China to negotiate with him?  Mainland China may as well ask Dalai Lama: Can you forward me to someone who is actually in charge?

CNN’s story regarding Dalai Lama’s “powerless to stop the protest”.


Dalai Lama has backed off from the independence demand.  Mainland China’s Premier Wen claims to have interests meeting Dalai Lama anytime (above CNN story).  Yet Mainland China has not managed to meet Dalai Lama for decades.  If one were to check on the conditions placed by Mainland China, Dalai Lama has satisfied them public for years.  This is a poor decision on the part of Beijing.  

Why isn’t Beijing doing anything with Dalai Lama?  

Partly because Beijing thinks Dalai Lama is fading away and an agreement with him will not bring much fruit anyway.  Some Tibetans started a returning trip to Tibet from India:


Even though Dalai Lama public appealed to the opposite, with hints from India, this movement is not going away.  This is the first public ineffectiveness of Dalai Lama to control the Tibetan cause.  After all, time goes by.  A new generation of Tibetans are born and raised in India.  A new generation of politicians will come and demand power from Dalai Lama too.  

Who will be the next negotiator against Beijing if Beijing continues to practice this disengagement from Dalai Lama, and when Dalai passes away?  A Hindi speaking Tibetan political leader will definitely not be friendlier than a Dalai Lama who was born in Tibet and has mingled with Hans during his younger years.  What if the exile political elite controls the reincarnation process and have a blond Dalai Lama who speaks every language from English, French to Arabic but not Chinese?  How much friendlier will this negotiator be? 

The miscalculation from Beijing’s part is they never understood the influence of religion, although communism was not far off from a religion.  Materialistic improvement cannot overcome all the political difficulties CCP faces in Tibet.  They still have to overcome the lack of inclusiveness in the political process, a respect of religious practice, in addition to typical political problems of wealth distribution, etc.  Beijing continues to consider the problem will go away by 1) the passing of Dalai Lama 2) improvement in material life over the years in Tibet and 3) Beijing will find the next Dalai Lama in Chinese soil.  

Beijing continues to forget to put themselves into others’ shoes.  Beijing should be mindful that other peoples (like Tibetans) may have the kind of persistence and endurance that Chinese had during the Japanese invasion.


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  1. If Dalai Lama truly abides the so-called non-violence doctrine and has the claimed influence, then, the recent riot (killings) should have not happened.

    If he indeed has nothing to do with the riot, it only means that he has lost his influence. Then, why does anyone care about dealing with him?

    If he was behind the riot, then, he is simply a terrorist. Again, why bother meeting him?

    Here are links to a couple of documents that you can learn about the real Tibet and Dalai Lama.

    Comment by James Baoz | March 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. I HATE CHINA, they poison the water, kill innocent monks and restrict everything. If your reading your fuck heads in power. YOU WILL GO DOWN and when you do I WOULD PAY MONEY TO PISS ON YOUR GRAVES.

    Comment by Joe | March 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. I hate Joe, and other so-called human rights guards! What about the human rights of the native people in north America, Australia, New Zealand!

    Shame and Piss on you!

    Comment by hate Joe | March 20, 2008 | Reply

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