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Why Congress Delay Can Be Prudent

There are reasons for both house and senate not to do anything with Bush in regard to recession (or anything else, like treaty ratification) for their personal and political gains.  However, such a delay may not be a bad thing for the country.  

A new president will be mandated by November, almost down to 6 months now.  A new administration will start operation by next January, 9 months away.  So, the good reason for not doing anything with Bush is: if legislations are passed now, then it will be the new administration that has to execute them, what if these legislations will completely contradict to the new administration’s mandate?  Is this legislative prescribing “solutions” that are going to be doomed? Or even worse sour the relationship with the new president?  

And if these legislations turned out to be successful, guess what, the outgoing president will definitely claim to be his credit years from now in his memoir just as the same time the new president will claim to be his credit.  Will any new president like such a trap?  How can any well intended legislator purposefully set such a political trap up for the new president to step on?  

We know there is no solution that would be “the only” solution.  Creating grand standing solutions right now requires an unquestionable monolithic ideological conviction that says this is the only solution to the problem.  The worse is this conviction can be misinterpreted as: arrogance. 

How can the legislators trust the new administration to execute these solutions faithfully when they just push them down the new administration’s throat?  Therefore, the delay tactic is not only for the gain of the legislature as a whole as well as individuals, but also prudent for the nation.  



April 30, 2008 - Posted by | Barack Obama, business, Current Events, economics, election, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Money, opinion, politics, stock, wordpress-political-blogs


  1. Thank you to Alfie from http://in2thefray.wordpress.com/ whose comments ( https://royho.wordpress.com/2008/04/29/did-bush-expect-congress-to-solve-the-recession-with-him/ ) inspired this piece.

    Comment by royho | April 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Not to be a thorn in the side…. I understand the points you make and agree on the reasoning.My question is. Isn’t it wrong then for the sitting and running legislators as well as the Pres. candidates to only offer highlights of the problem as opposed to acting on or offering solutions ?

    Comment by Alfie | May 1, 2008 | Reply

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