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Why Is US In A Hurry To Help Myanmar?

US has a military base nearby in Thailand.  And Thai has already been cleared by Myanmar governemtn to help.  All assistance can go through Thailand, similar to how aid was sent to Afganistan or Iran.  Why does US insist on direct aid to the Myanmar government? 

Every country wants to have a better relationship with another country.  Having a direct correspondence is just a good tactic to relationship building.  However, such direct correspondence was not on the table when Iran had an earthquake.  So, why Myanmar?

Disaster of this scale require multiple countries to help.  In fact, no amount of help will be enough for disaster of this scale.  China will provide a lot of assistance.  After all, this area affects all the transportation / infrastructure China has been building in Myanmar.

It is good for Pentagon’s strategists.  China has a strong military tie with Myanmar.  China can use the seaport of Myanmar freely.  The next stop for China will be thousands of miles away, days away by ship around Singapore in the island Hainan.  To the west, Parkistan is another ally.  US wants to increase its influence on Myanmar.  Having some first step relationship building exercise is important. 

Myanmar also has rich resources.  Oil field is only part of the story.  Myanmar has a lot of minority problems.  Areas near China (norter Myanmar) has always had multiple militas.  Areas near India is another conflict prone area for either Myanmar or India.  Britain used the northern Myanmar and parts of India adjacent to Myanmar as the spring board to Tibet back in 1800’s.  Making this country available for US to place a pawn somewhere, anywhere is important to Pentagon. 

China now has to face US bases from Japan, South Korea, Central Asia and Afganistan.  Nepal receives US training in its civil war against the Maoists.  UScan very well complete its enclosure on China.  


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  1. The amazing aspect of this disaster is that there apparently were no weather reports in advance of the cyclone. The fact is that the Junta is responsible for these deaths. Or is this their Katrina? The only problem is that there are 100.000+ dead and two million homeless. The infrastructure is destroyed completely. There was not even the slightest hint of a warning. Everyone died in their sleep as innocents. Silence. NO FOR WARNING OF ANY KING! Perhaps the US should not push for unilatteral assistance, anyway 2 Million dollars is not going to touch this problem. With regards to negligent genocide, the junta should be tried for mass murder and certainly deposed in a mass insurrection in response to their ineptitude. They are a bunch of thugs and should be removed as blights to the human race.

    Comment by Ogden Ross | May 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. The point, as I understand it, is China has the
    potential to influence US actions due to the large
    percent of US bonds it holds. China and Tibet, one
    wants to control the other because of resources.
    Of course the US could send more aid in a snap, and
    make that scene a Disney film happy ending, but in
    my life, I have realized that watching Disney movies
    and their endings was a HUGE waste of time. I wish I
    would have been given a concise lecture as to what the
    objective of making very young impressionable kids watch
    that was.

    Comment by Lilium | May 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. Haha, and who is to say that people
    of “Burma” aren’t getting murdered by
    the people they were protesting against
    in recent months? People in New Orleans
    were getting shot by “coppers”,and “criminals”…
    Most people will never understand the
    false sense of security the majority of
    these victims were given no choice to but to
    “believe”…since Choice comes from knowing
    about other options, this knowledge is SHHHHHH!!

    Comment by Lilium | May 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. You make an interesting point about encircling China. I read an article recently I can’t remember if it was STRATFOR or Economist about China being an “island”. Strategically surrounding it is wise. It is also how the Chinese military has been modernizing operationally/defensive. Submarines and missiles,these are meant to reach out and inhibit the circle.The “island” mentality was also floated as the reason China must control Tibet. It is a buffer from outside attacks no matter the political heat it rises.
    All that said I think the Burma policy of the Bush Administration is aimed at the junta. It now really means nothing though since Burma is gone.I think it’ll amount to too little too late and the junta if it survives will fall back on the friends you listed.

    Comment by Alfie | May 8, 2008 | Reply

  5. You said…

    even if the Junta fall, it will still remain outside US influence. there are enough regional players locally already. US can only find a proxy, say Thailand.

    IF ?? It will be very sad if they are still around after this.I don’t know. Reviewing your first question in the post I’d answer the US is intent on being seen so proxies don’t fly.

    Comment by Alfie | May 8, 2008 | Reply

  6. I support Myanmar’s move to prevent all the foreign
    aid worker, because, really, who knows what is on those
    planes, who those people really work for. This is the
    move vulnerable time for Myanmar’s residents. THE WORLD
    FOOD PROGRAM speaker wanted to sound full of authority
    when he said that vulnerable Myanmar won’t get any more
    help in the future because they have made attempts to
    control who and what comes in their ravaged area. KIDS
    controllable by human beings than is though. “How’s the
    weather” is a joke, b/c informed ppl know weather is controlled…more or less.

    Comment by KillerAid | May 9, 2008 | Reply

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