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Pelosi: Go On; Clinton: Sue DNC Over FL, MI?

Nancy Pelosi (House Majority Leader) says the race should go on because of high turn out rate it is drawing in all the states.  Pressure has been on Clinton to quit as it would be divisive.  Pelosi is the first politician who acknowledges the positive benefit of a long race.  This is consistent with this blog’s philosophy (2008.04.07, 200804.23).  Why is Pelosi saying that? 


She is looking at the seats in the House of Representatives.  She wants to shake more Republican seats.  And she probably sees that the Democrats are now enlarging their base so great that they can eat into Republican base.  


Interestingly, what did Clinton say?  In the same CNN article, Clinton says it is a “civil rights” issue.  Therefore, if FL and MI will not get seated (however they will be seated), DNC, using Clinton’s idea, the civil rights of FL and MI have been violated.  Will Clinton defend their rights?  Does it mean Clinton will sue to get their rights re-installed?


This primary gets more twists and turns than Gore vs. Bush.  Want some more popcorn?


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  1. I and my spouse are part of the many Democrats that will definitely vote for John McCain if Obama wins.
    We would love to have our economy and national image restored to , at least, what it was during the Clinton years; but Obama is not the answer. Obama speaks “politics” and not what he believes. He only says what he must to win. Actions speak louder than words. He does not respect America–can’t wear a flag on his lapel, can’t put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegience and has been associated with some unsavory political figures. To top that off, he belonged to a church for many years and personally knew the pastor, whom preaches hate for America. Obama can’t say he didn’t know the pastors views and yet have him perform the religious rites that are important in his life. Obama distanced himself only after media attention and then the response from not only his pastor but from Farakhan (who was, also dejected, pubically) was that Obama’s dissing them verbally is only “politics” talking. (It sure did seem like it.) Therefore, can we believe what he says, he truly means?

    Where did/does all his vast campaign money come from? One can only imagine. Hillary Clinton had to add to her campaign with her own money, which shows strength of character and determination in being what she believes and knows this country needs. Do we vote for a president with a Rhodes Scholar influence or a president with prejudice issues pressuring and surrounding him?
    We know (supposedly) that one man/woman doesn’t have supreme power and it takes congress (or the political party that dominates) to run our country—but then look at Bush.

    Although, McCain is a republican, he has some Democratic supporters and is almost like an independent. He knows the mistakes Bush has made and, I believe, he also has what it takes to recover from the worst Presidency of our lifetime. We would prefer to have the Democrats back in office, but NOT with Obama as President. We will support Hillary and if thats not possible than OUR vote will go for McCain.
    Our belief and hearts desire is to have a democrat as President. So please help me to influence the remaining super-delegates in the remaining states to vote for Hillary Clinton. She still can win and MUST or we will have another Republican for President.

    Let’s make America strong and proud again with Hillary Clinton as President.

    Comment by Linda Colaprete | May 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. Linda,

    If you would vote for McCain (cut off your nose to spite your face) you don’t deserve to call youself a Democrat. We are AT WAR – people are dying and being maimed. Do you have friends/family who have served over and over and over again? They cannot keep it up. We cannot afford it. I DO NOT want Bush’s war to continue 1 day longer than necessary. I DO NOT want a war with Iran. I DO NOT want Stephens & Ginsberg to be replaced with MORE conservative judges who will help their corporate buddies and not the little guy. I DO NOT care if Obama is pink with purple polka dots. I DO NOT care if Hillary is pink with purple polka dots. McCain is not a moderate. Look at his record. He wouldn’t even vote with 25 of his Republican colleagues to vote FOR the GI bill. As far as Rev. Wright is concerned – did you even listen to the full sermons? He damned this government (Bush’s government) and I do the same EVERY SINGLE day. I want this man and his corrupt and incompetent minions out of office and I do not want him replaced with another of the same ilk. Those lobbyists McCain is firing will be right back in the mix, if he wins this election.

    You may not care what happens to this country, but I do and we’ve already suffered 8 long years under an idiot who is bankrupting this country because the people were fooled into believing the Republicans were the answer. They are NOT. The only people they want to help are their corporate buddies, not the regular everyday working people. That is the Republican mantra – it doesn’t matter who the candidate is or claims to be. McCain has voted WITH HIS party on nearly EVERY vote.

    If the Dem (and I don’t give a rip which one is on the ticket) loses in Nov because of the likes of you (or those who won’t vote for Clinton, if it ends in her favor), I promise I will curse you and your kind every single day for the plague you will bring upon us. You have my word on that.

    Comment by treetracker | May 22, 2008 | Reply

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