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Is Obama Showing Some Love Offense?

Obama is willing to compromise on the delegates of Michigan and Florida.  In fact he is willing to “concede an advantage” to Clinton on Michigan and Florida delegate disput.


Obama is showing this because he is confident he can afford to concede and still wins.  This is exactly the kind of “love offense” this post talks about.


Obama wants a 50-state strategy.  That will require a lot of political operatives.  Obama will need a lot of these operatives from Clinton’s camp.  This is to show Obama is big enough to accept their new loyalty, when Clinton’s campaign’s over.  This will destabilize Clinton camp’s morale.  Operatives may even start changing employers.  


However, this move is not a TV friendly move.  It may not get much TV time at all.  Obama will need something flashier to catch people’s attention. 


Moves like these will force Clinton to sell.  The question remains: At what price will Clinton sell?  Is it about the best price for Clinton or running for the sake of running?



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