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Earthquake To Melt Ice

China is not doing only the relief work, such as moving people away from potential threats.  China is capitalizing this earthquake event on its diplomatic front (Japan) as well.  The news that Japan confirms to deliver aid through its military aircraft proves this post’s analysis is right on target: China wants to use this event to melt a 6 decade long ice with Japan.  And it is no easy task.


The above linked post concludes that the request from China is inconsistent with past behaviour, i.e. China did not want Japanese military to be active outside of Japan due to WW2.  However, China is requesting Japan to deliver aid through its military aircraft.  The aid can be bought elsewhere.  The aid can be delivered by someone else or even Japanese civilian aircraft. 


Yumimuri also confirms that the move is about melting ice.  So, the advertisement here is: this blog got to the same conclusion one day earlier than the most authoritative source in Japan.


Now, what is the implication?  What do we care? 


To Be Continued.



May 30, 2008 - Posted by | business, China, Current Events, Investment, Japan, opinion, politics, Thoughts, wordpress-political-blogs

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  1. NYT reports Japanese going civilian.NYT Article Ever evolving story line. I’ve enjoyed your posts on the subject.

    Comment by in2thefray | May 31, 2008 | Reply

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