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How Does This Rumored Concession Work?

Both Obama and Clinton are aware of the superdelegate endorsement by now.  Terry McAuliffe already said Clinton will “congratulate and call him the nominee”.  However, Clinton will not concede tonight.  McAuliffe will not issue such a statement without Clinton’s vetting.  Didn’t Clinton vow to stay all the way to the end?  Is this a concession or not?  How does this concession work? 


Warning: Highly Speculative.  Information may not be actionable for any purpose.  

We will get a much better idea about what Clinton is doing when Clinton’s tonight or tomorrow’s statement or the lack of to invalidate McAuliffe’s news.


Obama got the magic number to secure the nomination.  But anything can happen, right? 


Clinton may leave her name on the ballot.  However, she may stop campaigning.  Well, in case “something” happened to Obama; Someone wants to change his/her mind at the last minute without Clinton’s doing; Some superdelegates fail to vote in Denver.  Look, Kennedy is unlikely to vote in August given his health conditions.  Senator Robert Byrd is 90 years old and hospitalized again for the third time recently.  He probably cannot attend the Denver convention either. 


If Obama trips over again, Clinton may just get lucky to pick up a rebound.  Or, is that what she is hoping for?



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