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When Will Obama Overcome His Indecisiveness, Or His Incompetence Or Divisiveness?

Now that Obama claims the victory.  All eyes will be on how his campaign, especially how he will unite Clinton’s forces.  Her fundraisers will join Obama’s campaign, somehow.  The effectiveness of the joint effort depends on how well the two sides get integrated.  A barometer for both sides to watch will be: Are Obama and Clinton getting along?  This “getting along” will integrate or disintegrate the teams.  Some from the winner side will have the thought of “trophy sharing” syndrome.  Some from Clinton side will have to live with the thought of “stolen trophy” syndrome.  


Clinton’s congratulation is her acceptance of reality.  Her no concession is up for trade.  However, is her concession worth anything?  Her fundraisers are already “moving forward” without her concession.  Her donors are already knocking on doors to find a way to park their donation on Obama.  After all, big donors are interested at investing on the next president.  It may work out that Clinton’s concession without an Obama offer is better work for.  She may get a better standing at the end. 


Clinton is now defenseless.  However, Clinton can work for Obama.  Has Obama not made up his mind what to do with Clinton?  Is Obama indecisive?  Is Obama incompetent to think of his options?  Is Obama trying to put a foreclosure on the Clinton property?  If Obama is pushing too hard on a defenseless woman, Obama will not only risk on an integration determined to fail (there are plenty of stories about mergers gone sour), but also push some voter defection.  If it is the latter, then Obama becomes divisive.  If Bush 2 were divisive to the country, then Obama can be at risk to become divisive to his party.   

He needs to over come his indecisiveness, or his incompetence or divisiveness or all of the above in order to win the White House.  






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