Power And Dollar

Energy has so many spins this year!

McCain announced his $300 million prize for a next generation of cars.  This election is increasingly turning to an election about environment due to the high gasoline prices.  While money is still favoring Obama, McCain is finally trying to close the gap on ideas.  If McCain can get more media exposure on his issues and ideas, McCain can sharpen Obama presidency.


McCain still needs to catch up with Obama on ideas.  So far, McCain is still reacting to Obama’s idea.  McCain’s $300 million prize is a good example.  McCain needs to be ahead of Obama. 


In addition, McCain can use security issue to frame the debate on energy, such as energy independence of Middle East.  McCain can also use religion to frame the debate on energy: save all God’s creatures on earth, not just fetus. 


Obama is actively courting the religious votes.  And he is very comfortable with his religion before the TV, comparable to Bush 2.  In a way, Obama can split the religious vote.  For Republicans to protect and expand the religious vote, abortion may fail in this year.  However, religious environmentalism may work. 


McCain’s move can also help revitalize the auto industry in America and compete against foreign car makers.  His idea is actually more cost effective since this program’s overhead costs is a lot smaller in dollar amount as well as a percentage of the funds than Obama’s venture capital fund.

An oil independent America is not only about disengaging itself from the Middle East, but also about compteting against China and India for resources.  The supply line between America and Middle East is simply too long.  Being oil independent is about production cost.  And it will be too late for America if India or China can beat this against the States too.



McCain’s team needs to be more flexible and recycle the same issue to different audiences.


Although the environmental issues are getting into the debate, the Green Party cannot benefit any of it in the United States.


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  1. This is straight out of Newt Gingrich’s latest book and American Solutions.
    As for the religious votes. Obama cannot win the religious votes due to his abortion stand. There is however a healthy amount of people viewed as religious and approached by the Left on the environment and stewardship principles. Push comes to shove the religious value voters of the past will either go McCain or to bed early that Tuesday in November.

    Comment by Alfie | June 23, 2008 | Reply

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