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What Are Obama’s Social Security No-Gimmick Options?

Energy is increasingly becoming an important topic since it touches security (energy independence), pocket book (gasoline prices) and environment (egg head issue).  Of all, social security will have the greatest impact on the biggest voting block: seniors.  WSJ is having an article today about Obama’s social security plan.  The options for social security are very limited if America has no intent to privatize social security.  Obama is taking the least electorally costly option to him. In Obama’s vocab, that is “gimmick”.  Those options are listed here:




There are very few options available to Presidential candidates.  There are options outside of the social security program he can consider:

1)      Make retirement age more flexible.  In particular, make the age of social security flexible.  

2)      Tightening the control on the border to prevent illegal immigrants.  This will of course have some impact on inflation.  However, it could help the people who make minimum wage, i.e. higher social security payments.

3)      Modify the poll of immigrants.  Obama need not change the amount of immigrants.  Obama can simply modify the quota pool to attract the immigrants with higher productivity.  This could only work if there is enough buyer in the country.  So the fundamental philosophy of the American H visa system remains unchanged.

4)      Attract more investment immigrants.  The point is not only about taxing them, but also having them create more jobs here.


Lift up aggregate domestic demand without increasing fiscal expenditure.      

6)      Increase the amount in personal exemption and increase taxes on pollution to create more incentives for the next industrial upgrade.


The last point is the most difficult one.  How can Obama lower its fiscal expenditure when the military spending is so high? 


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  1. It’s all talk. Democrats have no new ideas on these things. Bush tried to address it but was stymied by a corrupt Congress.

    Comment by The Dude | June 25, 2008 | Reply

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