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Zimbabwe Crisis: Is It About Democracy?

Zimbabwe crisis has been going on for months.  US is not interfering with force since Zimbabwe involves no strategic resources.  In a way, most of the African leaders are supporting Mugabe, even though an unstable Zimbabwe is not to their interests.  Whose interests are at stake?  What is this debate about?


The strongest voice against Zimbabwe’s Mugabe is Britain.  Why?  Since Mugabe started its land reform, Britain suffers the greatest risk in Zimbabwe.  Three quarters of the most fertile land Zimbabwe are held by British descent, who are citizens of Britain.  They control a great portion of the economy, as well as livelihood of the citizens.


A land reform is inevitable.  It was only a matter of time and approach to the reform.  Mugabe’s land grab was brutal.  However, most of the African nations see the reaction to Mugabe’s regime as a return to the colonial time and a refusal to wealth distribution from colonialists to Africans.   


That is why African Union says it is an African problem.  Even India will not boycott cricket against Zimbabwe.  China and South Africa both blocked the UN sanctions against Mugabe and his relations.  Some even considered him a hero.


This is not a debate about democracy promoted by the west and the corruption and dictatorships supported by third world countries like China.  This is a debate of former colonialists protecting their interests and developing countries’ elites choosing their own path to solve their problems.  


July 3, 2008 - Posted by | activism, advocacy, Africa, Current Events, election, 非洲, India, opinion, politics, wordpress-political-blogs

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  1. I think this post is a bit weak. You have provided no evidence to back up your assertion, and I don’t think you have really researched this well.

    So what if the white landowners are of British descent? Are they even British citizens?

    “In a way, most of the African leaders are supporting Mugabe” I don’t think this is really true.

    If you’re going to write something about this kind of subject, please take the time to back up your assertions. Otherwise what’s the point?

    Comment by Patrick Mosolf | July 3, 2008 | Reply

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