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Why This? Why Now? Gore Pushes Obama

Gore’s speech highlighted a point raised here earlier, that is energy is the intersection of issues in this election: gas price, national security and environment.  Gore specifically picked to deliver this speech at the Society of Daughters of American Revolution because he wants to equate the importance of energy independence as to the American Revolution.  Gore is not having this speech on any random day.  He is affecting politics to the best he can.  He is a politician.  He understands how to make the most political impact of one man’s effort.  This post is not about the content of the speech, but rather to emphasize that he is showing techniques how the rest of us can make a difference in a critical time like this.  


Obama is getting $52M in the month of June, according to his federal election filing.  Given a large proportion of his donors are small monthly donors, a fraction of this amount can already be accounted for next month.  In addition, Obama seems to be able to integrate a good portion of Clinton’s donors.  Although we hear news about the discontent of some of the Clinton fundraisers, it looks like that probably is a minority of loyal supporters of Clinton.  However, by no means the accusations against Team Obama’s arrogance against Clinton’s fundraisers are false.  It is probably more likely that more of Clinton’s fundraisers are complacent to the arrogance and are willing to stay in order to become as a “Door to the President”.  


Gore sees that he still has influence in the public.  He is trying influence as many people as possible to see that energy is the determinant of America’s future.  Of course he is thinking from an environmentalist point of view.  However, what it really matters is what argument convinces other to the direction Gore seeks.  He found the right angle: our wallet is affected by energy (not only gas price at the pump but inflation in general); national security buffs like this energy talk; and the environmentalists of course.


Gore probably sees that Obama has a good shoot at it.  And that’s why he remains in the spot light.  For if Obama does not (perceived by Gore), Gore would see that arguments raised by him in the public probably has smaller influence over the voters McCain is courting.  Gore would then be less active publicly. 


There are always five elements to an electoral campaign: candidate, platform, money, field and message.  The content of the speech is trying to affect platform.  However, there is very little Gore can do about that.  His delivery is not about platform either.  For if he were, he would have found a specialist (i.e. hint: surrogate) to participate in Obama’s platform team.  Gore has no field operation to speak of since he has been out of politics for so long.  What Gore is really trying to get to is the message part.  He is trying to tilt the theme of this election toward the solutions of the problems. 


What can we learn from it?  We can do better than one vote.  We do not have to be Al Gore to make a difference.  Many local organizations have their issues at stake in elections, although no necessarily national election.  State and county elections are also in play.  Every candidate needs some volunteers.  These fellow volunteers are the ones we want to engage.  The message that actually gets to candidate and the operatives are filtered through the volunteers by their daily interactions with others.  This is how candidates react to the field (one of the 5 elements above).  For a county candidate, the same opinion from a few volunteers may have a decent impact already.  


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