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How Did Global Warming And Afghanistan Get Together?

CNN brought these two topics together.


Engaging Europe to dispatch more troops in Afghanistan does help lower fiscal expenditure of America.  This message affirms the previous post regarding the relationship between Obama’s foreign policy and fiscal policy.  However, Obama’s assertion that it will give tax cuts is suspect since the fiscal expenditure is so high.  Any fiscal expenditure reduction from Iraq may not be sufficient to bring America back to black.  


However, having a lower fiscal expenditure will help the crowding out effect and make credit more availability.  This is important to the economy of America since the credit market in such a mess.  No lender is thinking of lending and no buyer in major metros is thinking of buying.  


CNN’s article mentions global warming (not climate change) at the end.  This is where Obama’s European trip actually turns interesting.  How critical will global warming be to the Obama’s administration with European Union?  Are you thinking: how relevant is this question?  Is it worthy to consider?  


First of all, every relationship is give and take.  Engaging Europe to support an American pet cause, i.e. Afghanistan, will require American cooperation in something else America has long ignored.  That could be global warming, or anything else.  Of all things, global warming may be the most likely choice, not because Obama is committed to the cause, but because he is very likely to have to reward his critical core supporter base: educated high income urbanites.  


His presidential campaign, not his senator campaign, got its first footing through the support of educated high income urbanites across metropolitans.  Each state may have an interest unique to them.  However, one common platform issue of this group across all metropolitans and states is global warming.  This supporter group gave the seed money and the in-kind support for the campaign.  They are also the first investors, employees and customers of the Obama company.  This is the political capital Obama cannot spend. 


Green issues to trade for a more engaged Europe ally, for a more long term solution of gas prices, for a more oil independent America, more energy efficient cars produced in Michigan, is a good deal, isn’t it?  It may be.  The question is: what is the price for that?  How is that going to be paid, financially or politically?


Solutions to global warming all eventually lead to one thing: urbanization, i.e. high population density, efficiency with natual resources.  Who benefits first from high population density?  Capital intensive builders and urbanites.  Everyone else will have to face regulatory or financial conditions more averse to their life styles: rural residents or even suburbanites.  


Obama’s intent to continue the gas tax and provide tax cuts in other ways is a good indication (and it is the right economic policy) of that direction.  Who gets the worst of the deal?  People who have commute, the longer the commute the worse off they are.  The disadvantage versus advantage spectrum is thus rural residents, than suburbanites, than urbanites.


Lower emission means public transportation, more communal facilities (high rises of 50 floors rather than acres of single family homes) or equipment, more usage of communal services.  While very few urbanites supported Obama due to their economic incentives, they will definitely benefit from policies that a crafty politician intends to reward and sustain their support for re-election.


And Obama will dutifully inform the rural residents that in order to sustain military operations overseas and the military jobs where a higher proportion of rural residents take, European demands have to be met. 


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  1. Obama brings the New World Order to America.
    Read the story then read the Green Agenda to visit the future.
    November is going to be interesting.
    If you vote for the “Left” It’s rule by the UN.
    If you vote for the “Right” America will be integrated with Mexico and Canada.
    The people of America need to vote for anyone, except Obama or McCain.
    Pick someone and everybody vote for that person.
    Take America Back now or say goodbye to the land of the free.
    The choice is yours America.
    Read the Green Agenda at http://www.windfarms.wordpress.com to find the real meaning of Obama’s words.

    Comment by atomcat | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. It has long been looking for this information, thank you.

    Comment by Helena | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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