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Is Obama Going To Fix Bridges For 15 Months?

The bridges are falling down.  Who is to fix them?  Will Obama take Keyne’s prescription and spend money on infrastructure?  How much will it cost?  Is there a cost-benefit analysis?  What about prioritizing which road/bridge to fix first?  Isn’t that another pork barrel all over again?  After all, it is about value produced by dollar spent.  It may be difficult to measure what value that is especially if America wants to spend public money to pull aggregate demand.  How will this reflect on Obama’s no gas tax relief position?  


An infrastructure repair program on every federal road/bridge will almost contradict on Obama’s energy policy position, i.e. to minimize gasoline consumption.  Having more roads is to encourage more driving, not only symbolically but also financially for the drivers.  By supporting fewer roads and bridges will not only off load some of the expenses from the federal balance sheet, but also encourage more job sites to congregate, thus increasing population density.  Higher population translates into few roads for a bigger population, i.e. servicing the same amount of people with a smaller budget.  


Transportation Secretary says $20B is required annually for 20 years.  Obama promises a one time deal of $25B.  So, is this a 15 month fix?


Of course, it is inconvenient for pork barreling.  Will Obama want to attract more Chamber-Of-Commerce kind of Republicans?  Or will Obama want to attract more rural voters?  More construction jobs and concrete all over the country?  Or move the jobs to population centers?


Check who donates to Obama and you will get a better clue.  Find donors by employers.  And these are the names you want:  NYSE:GVA, NYSE: URS.


Not that I am ignoring McCain.  It’s just this election is becoming an election between Obama and Anti-Obama. 


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  1. Strictly speaking the bridges are under the states jurisdiction to fix unless they fall on two state’s borders.

    just saying.

    Comment by Marc | August 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Unless the bridge is part of the interstate system or unless you remember how much money the feds send back to the states for infrastructure anyway.
    Here is an area where regional costs needs to be examined.ie Northeast say MA :graft+unions + police details= higher road costs. Also related is how some states are “donor states” when it comes to the federal fuel taxes.
    The money has been there the government just has misspent it.

    Comment by Alfie | August 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. great! just to “misspend” it, how simple! 🙂

    Comment by royho | August 2, 2008 | Reply

  4. looks like Obama and team will spend 700 Billion on infrastructure–bridges,roads, and schools. Of course all these things are the result of States mis-management–so a bailout for States that supported him. Now they call it “INVESTMENT” — you don’t invest in things that depreciate like cars — it’s called REPAIR.

    Comment by loanarranger | December 11, 2008 | Reply

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