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Why Bother With The Biden Announcement?

Biden announcement is a great news story for content distributors.  For elections, VP is very tactical.  VP does not alter the agenda presented to the candidates.  History presents the agenda of the nation to the candidates.  VP brings neither substance nor platform ideas to the candidate since the candidate already formed his platform team before any primary victory.  VP provides insight as to how the rest of the campaign will be fought.  


Obama’s lead over McCain has been narrowing.  Biden’s announcement created some movements in the poll as well.  However, the convention will bring so much hype about Obama that the poll will favor Obama again.  The question will be how much. 


Any salesman can tell you that what really makes a sale is the emotions one manage to inspire from the buyer.  Politics is no different from any other business.  With the advancement in content distribution technology, i.e. internet, information can be catered toward an ever smaller targeted group.  This results in fine tuning an emotional appeal toward a specific emotion to strike for the sale.  


McCain says Obama is a celebrity.  It is not as much as Obama as about the business of politics itself.  McCain is out of date not only because McCain does not use internet, but also he still does not realize, although it has been 8 years since he last ran for president in 2000, the business has been involved in for of his career has become a show business.  The different between running for the president of America and American idol is the difference size of the stage.  The job for American President is about executing the budget prescribed by the House with more discretion toward foreign policy.  The emotional appeal in this business made any intellectual conversation like diplomacy versus military so Clintonite (Kosovo between Albright and Powell, not Iraq).


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