Power And Dollar

John Manley Smells Blood? Or Avoided His Own Peril?

John Manley is gauging his support level.  With Bob Rae around, it will be a difficult race for Manley.  Bob Rae is a veteran: he knows how to build an organization for it.  And Bob Rae probably expected Manley to return for this election.  How did Bob Rae come to this conclusion?  Well, not that he read this or this.  it is just very reasonable.  Bob Rae probably saw the “dual use” of everything Manley did.  And, Harper helped Manley to get to this point. 


This is exactly what Harper wanted and what Harper planned.  


Age may become a factor for Bob Rae in the next round.  So, time will soon wear Bob Rae out.  This maybe the last time Ignatief can run a leadership race since he did not spend that much time in Canada.  But then, how many years do you need in Canada?  Manley has been preparing this race for elections now.  He could be contemplating about joining in the race this time.  But the variable is: is it the time I should return?  Not: should I return?


John Manley did not want the leadership then when Paul Martin left because he saw a defeat.  He could not have saved the party from another defeat and so he saved himself from being at the position of Dion’s.  He was preparing himself to be a white knight to enter the stage when the party is at the bottom.  Now is his chance, or so thinks.


John Manley is now facing a different world, namely a world defined by the election financing law that he did not have.  He has good access to big donors.  However, does that matter when the donation is penny on the dollar of the donation amount these donors can actually give?  This is a new game that John Manley has to live with: quantity translates into dollars; not dollar buys into quantity.  


That means he has to have a ready made organization.  He can rely on his old riding Ottawa South’s David McGuinty.  John Manley passed on the seat to his pal David McGunty, brother of the provincial Premier Dalton, to keep it from falling to the hands of enemy.  Now, he can burrow the infrastructure there. 


Why is John Manley declaring it now?  Yes, leadership review will be held early next year.  So, he needs some time to prepare and get to the spot light.  Also, Ignatief, Bob Rae and John Kennedy cannot exactly start a race since they are still supposed to be loyal to Dion.  It is only when someone declares to be contender can they actually get out of the closet.  John Manley is forcing everyone to enter into the ring.  If these people do not, then they will have to forfeit the entrance ticket.  So, John Manley is simply asking: “if no one else wants take the crown, then please let me have it.”  


October 28, 2008 - Posted by | canada, Current Events, election, politics, wordpress-political-blogs

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