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Prudent Obama Prolongs Uncertainty


Obama is not going to G20 because there is only one president at a time.  This is prudent.  This also makes him safe.  He should not be responsible for anything Bush commits.  By being next to Obama, he either has to say sorry to Bush or to the other leaders or he has to acquiescence to the conditions.  Alternatively, if he takes a more active role, then he would be taking Bush’s last thunder.  Bush deserves to have the last ride before he leaves. 


Great that Obama is doing all that.  What about the rest of us?


These prudent actions actually prolong the uncertainty in the financial world.  The financial world is now waiting for Obama.  Who is the new Treasury?  What is his view on the bailout?  What is his view on Detroit?  What is his differ from Obama’s? 


The financial market cannot bring in too much good news in the near future due to political uncertainty.  Where is your 401k’s fund manager going to place his bets?  Dump GM or not?  What about your uncle’s pension fund manager?  What can he do about it?  Keep Citi or not?  They are all waiting.  Other presidents took more time to do all that.  It’s just Obama got a really bad deck of cards.  And if he plays bad, we will have to sweat for it.


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