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More Bailout Drama – Exactly What Obama Needs


Obama has been trying to distance himself from the Blagovich scandal.  The questions are now revolving around his staff and how much he knew of the senate seat auction.  No matter how clean he is and how hard he tries to move on to his agenda, media (not opponents yet) would be after this news item: since nothing else was news worthy, until the bailout news came.  Obama owes Bush for this one.


Senate said no to American auto bailout.  Bush said yes to bailout.  Both traded their places in regard to bailout.  Bush initially said no to Detroit bailout.  Senate said yes to Wall Street bailout.  


If not for this newest episode of bailout drama, Obama would still be harassed by Blagovich questions.  


Obama needs to check the most recent Damage Control For Dummies.  There maybe embarrassing information.  However, tossing it out up front is better than having someone else digging them out piece by piece – you gain the initiative of how, control of when, manipulation of the stage and the transition to the next agenda item.  Since Obama has not even started his administration and there are plenty of work to do, unlike many other administration, this ownership of moving on back to his agenda is important. 

Bush now wants the bailout because the incoming President wants it.  Bush is simply helping out the other guy.  Obama owes one more.


The collapse of the bail by Senate and its resurrection by Bush will give us another roller roaster ride in the stock market on Friday.  The only good thing about this drama is that it affects only the Friday stock market.  By Monday, 2 or more episodes will be played by then.   


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