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Veto The Pork? Thought About The Cost Of Business?

Fourteen Senators are calling Obama to veto the budget (until 2009.09).  Will Obama veto?  If these 14 Senators are truly against the pork, they could eliminate the bill themselves.  They would rather say they are against it, rather than calling the President to veto it.  


Polosi says it is less than 1% of the bill.  If CNN’s $8B figure is correct for this $410B bill is correct, then it amounts to 2% (1.95%, if you really want 2 more decimals).  


Let’s check back on the bailout bill.  $787B.  How much was the pork there?  According to Republicans, it was 19.05B.  That would make it 2% again (2.42%, 2 more decimals). 


From 2.42% to 1.95%, that is 1/5 reduction!  Do you have to pay your real estate agent for commission?  Is this the commission for legislators?  Cheaper than our real estate agent!  The only problem is that if it were an annual ritual, then this is pretty expensive.  


Are these 14 Senators going to go through the process to vote against the $410B?  Maybe they did not get their proper share in that bill!


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