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How To Use Swine Flu


This swine flu became a real political event: California declared a state of emergency; Homeland Security is making moves; Obama is making another TV appearance again.  It so far looks like the market is reacting to the Fed statement rather than this health event.  Banks are up for 3%, S&P are 2% and medical supplies are only up 1.7%.  It is almost a drag in the market today. 

With this swine flu, manufacturers and distributors of over the counter medical supplies are of interests for products like hand sanitizers, wipes, over the counter drugs, surgery gloves, masks, etc.

Certainly, vaccine makers should go up.  However a lot few of those.

Also related industries would be hotel and tourism interests.  Retailers and mall operators which have a heavier geographic exposure in the southern states would get affected (Tex/Mex cuisine chains who have more sites in California and Texas, say).  This issue will fuel more talks around border control. 

Having a tighter border control can be used to divert the attention from gun control once people move their attention back to border violence (if there will still be), drug territory dispute.  We are more connected than before.  However, this forces lobbyist to be more creative to exploit the issue of the day.


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