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China Set The Example For Myanmar

China finally accepted some foreign rescue teams to their earthquake rescue effort.  China now accepted Japan’s rescue team, Taiwan’s team.  These are the only 2 countries where experts have been allowed to aid the relief effort.  All other countries’ aids are material assistance.  UK, Poland, Russia, Saudi are among the donors list.  However, the name US has not been surfaced.  China also appealed, for the first time, for “earth-moving equipment” according shanghaiist.com.

Myanmar is having a hard time with the cyclone as well.  The death toll is also in the magnitude of tens of thousands.  Myanmar has not been accepting foreign rescue teams either, in fear of conspiracies.  Myanmar has strong ties with China especially because it has very little foreign trade.  Now that China is accepting foreign experts to assist, will Myanmar allow some foreign experts?  Can Myanmar allow the same countries that China accepted? 

Since China accepts foreign aid, one can donate to US Red Cross’ China earthquake dedicated fund (see below).  And Red Cross cannot even establish a dedicated fund for it.  Unicef has a dedicated fund (see below).


What if no aid was provided to Myanmar?  Is that what the Myanmar junta wants?  Myanmar junta may have gotten the wrong side of conspiracy.  It is the scenario of no-aid that they should fear.  The case of no-aid means no country wants to do Myanmar any favours; no country wants Myanmar to return any favours; no country sees any values of Myanmar.  The worse is all these countries want the populace to suffer enough to revolt, much like intent of any boycott, the Iraqi case prior to the Gulf War 2.  The worst is action is already taken, but Myanmar junta does not even know.  When foreign experts come, Myanmar can control the quantity of the experts, the nationalities of the experts, can control the area of exposure, can monitor their movements and can know what these foreign experts know.  There is nothing more available than knowing what your opponents know and do not know.   


If China can accept Taiwan’s experts, can Myanmar accept Thailand’s civilian experts of Buddhist religion?


Donation to US Red Cross:

China earthquake dedicated fund: american.redcross.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ntld_china_relief_fund_0508&s_subsrc=RCOProfile_China&s_src=F8DWA001

International general relief fund: american.redcross.org/site/Donation2?idb=0&df_id=1094&1094.donation=form1&s_src=F8EWG002&s_subsrc=Myanmar%20Cyclone


Donation to China Red Cross:



Donation to Myanmar through US Unicef:




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Double Standard On Myanmar vs China?

Updated information about China Earthquake And Your Money is edited into the same link.  Myanmar is not accepting aid staff.  What about China?  There is no news about China accept to date.  China still has 26,000 people under debris.  However, we do not see any media response to this refusal.


In fact Thailand got a very firm answer that Myanmar will not be accepting aid either.  There was an international outcry.  Robert D. Kaplan, a national correspondent for The Atlantic and a fellow at the Center for a New American Security even used Albright’s argument that human rights trumps state rights to justify unilateral aid assistance.  


Myanmar’s worried about these aid staff.  Myanmar suspects the aid staff will facilitate some covert operations of the west, or some sort of color (Orange in Ukraine) revolution will come out of these aid staff.


Currently, China only accepted civilian, non-governmental organizations’ (NGO) aid. 

China has declined aid offered from Taiwan, not responded the offer of rescue dogs from Czech, among many others.  Is China embarrassed about accepting aid?  Is China also worried about foreign governmental staff?  Is this a double standard of the media?  Or does it actually expose some special interests of the countries offering aid staff to Myanmar?  This uneven media/international response toward China may only make Myanmar more suspicious.

*The Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety said China’s governmental research nuclear reactors and reactor fuel production facilities in China could be damaged.  They are within 44 miles to the center.  Nuclear generation sites are 600 miles away and should be fine.

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Myanmar Is Not Alone: North Korea Got Famine.

Humanitarian crisis stops at three too.  CNN reports North korea is having yet another famine.  North korea is now having famine as often as Japan is changing its prime minister.  By being a nuclear power, why isn’t this famine getting the attention from the US as Myanmar?  North korea is just as close to china as Myanmar.  Its strategic value should worth to the US than silence. 


The big difference is the position of South Korea.  Ever since 2008 election, the new South Korea government takes a non-negotiable position toward North Korea.  All peace efforts from the previous governments now go wasted.  Actions toward famine relief in North Korea will have less funding and less political traction.  With South Korea taking such a position, US will not be too interested at it either.  


Another famine in North Korea will give China more pressure on this humanitarian crisis.  Refugees from North Korea have been a major problem for about 10 years now.  Thus, China has become more active in ending this Korean peninsula civil war in the recent years.  


In fact, an existing Korean conflict serves Pentagon’s purposes.  An existing Korean conflict does not only justify US military bases in Korea, but also to an extent the bases in Japan as well, in its effort to contain China.  


However, the military base in Thailand cannot serve the purpose to Myanmar as Korean military to China.  Myanmar was the last life line China had during WW2.  The Burma Road supplied all China needed to sustain the war against Japan.  Once China can go through Myanmar, there is the open Indian Ocean.  Navy from Thailand can do very little to stop.  Korean bases can keep the China as if it were a land locked country.  Besides, Myanmar got oil and gas.


Furthermore, Japan also does not want to see a unified Korea, similar to Japan does not want to see a unified China.  A unified Korea will drive the Korean electorate’s attention from ending a civil war to tension against Japan.  


Since Bush continues to look for a legacy item, Bush may try to get something done with North Korea.  In fact BBC just reported North Korea handed over 18,000 pages of documents of its nuclear activities.  If aid to famine will produce any value to Bush, it may get worked out.

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Why Is US In A Hurry To Help Myanmar?

US has a military base nearby in Thailand.  And Thai has already been cleared by Myanmar governemtn to help.  All assistance can go through Thailand, similar to how aid was sent to Afganistan or Iran.  Why does US insist on direct aid to the Myanmar government? 

Every country wants to have a better relationship with another country.  Having a direct correspondence is just a good tactic to relationship building.  However, such direct correspondence was not on the table when Iran had an earthquake.  So, why Myanmar?

Disaster of this scale require multiple countries to help.  In fact, no amount of help will be enough for disaster of this scale.  China will provide a lot of assistance.  After all, this area affects all the transportation / infrastructure China has been building in Myanmar.

It is good for Pentagon’s strategists.  China has a strong military tie with Myanmar.  China can use the seaport of Myanmar freely.  The next stop for China will be thousands of miles away, days away by ship around Singapore in the island Hainan.  To the west, Parkistan is another ally.  US wants to increase its influence on Myanmar.  Having some first step relationship building exercise is important. 

Myanmar also has rich resources.  Oil field is only part of the story.  Myanmar has a lot of minority problems.  Areas near China (norter Myanmar) has always had multiple militas.  Areas near India is another conflict prone area for either Myanmar or India.  Britain used the northern Myanmar and parts of India adjacent to Myanmar as the spring board to Tibet back in 1800’s.  Making this country available for US to place a pawn somewhere, anywhere is important to Pentagon. 

China now has to face US bases from Japan, South Korea, Central Asia and Afganistan.  Nepal receives US training in its civil war against the Maoists.  UScan very well complete its enclosure on China.  

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